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Raise Extra Cash for Christmas

Raise Extra Cash for Christmas

It’s getting near to that time again where lots of people finding their selves wondering about how they are going to afford the expense of Christmas.

There are several things that you can do that can help to raise some cash towards those presents. The first thing is that of course, you can get a second job. Part time work is quite easy to find as nowadays lots of companies prefer to employ more part timers because of the flexibility that it affords them.

If you don’t want to work even more hours, and let’s face it, not a lot of people want to after working all day as it is, you will need to look for other opportunities. One way is to sell your unwanted items. We all have loads of stuff lying around, especially if you actively start looking. The most common items people tend to find to sell are their old CDs and DVDs, especially as a lot of people replace their DVD collection with Blu-ray films.

One way to sell all of this stuff is to run a stall at a car boot sale or 2 in the lead up to Christmas. The only downside is that a lot of other people can often have the same idea which can dilute your sales as others lower their prices to try to clinch the limited pool of money that people have to spend.

Another way to make money while selling your old stuff could be to sell it online. Selling your CDs and DVDs can be quite challenging on sites like eBay because there is a lot of labour involved for each sale, and it can cost a small fortune in postage. Another option is to use sites like MusicMagpie.co.uk or Mazumamobile.com.

Music Magpie can be a good stop for lots of people who want a convenient way to sell their old stuff for cash because they except all sorts, such as clothes, laptops, phones, CD’s, DVDs, Game consoles and a whole lot more. This means that you can just put everything in one big box, send it off and get your cash!

If you have some items that you wish to sell separately you can eBay them, put them on Amazon market place or even list them in your local newspaper.

The good thing about selling a lot of your old items is that you are making more room for the presents that you hope to get this Christmas!

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