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Over Half of Households Limit Usage of Heating to Cope with Bills

According to a survey by the supermarket chain Asda, over 60 per cent of mums said that they don’t use their central hearing as much as they would like because they can’t afford to. Seventy per cent of the mums surveyed said that their household bills were now their biggest concern.

Over half of the women also said that they cannot afford to fill up their cars with fuel. Over 5,000 mums, who shop at Asda were surveyed. Cost of living is the biggest concern according to most of the mums, who said that they were worried about it 4 times more than violent crimes.

Another frightening statistic revealed in the survey is that a quarter of the mums said that they had had to use money on bills instead of family activities.

Judith McKenna, Asda’s chief operating officer said that ‘Last year mums told us they were cutting luxuries. However, it’s no longer just about saving money on holidays or big–ticket items. Now it’s getting much more serious, with families having to forgo the very basics they need to survive, such as heating and transport.’

Fears of a triple dip recession and the ramifications that could follow are not helping families who are wondering what they will have to give up next to survive. Over half of the surveyed mums said that their standard of living had already declined in the last year.

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