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Olympic Torch Bearers Selling Prized Torches

Some people have found a way not to need to rely on short term loans to get by, they just applied to be Olympic torch bearers! Some of the people that were chosen to have the honour of carrying the Olympic flame across the UK have already put the torch they carried (which they got to keep) on auction websites such as eBay.

The prompt selling of the torches has caused controversy as some people feel that people shouldn’t be able to profiteer from the torches. The Olympic torches are meant to be a treasured keepsake to be savoured by families not a commodity.
Some of the runners have even put their torches for sale before they have even run their leg of the Olympic flame’s journey across the UK. Some have asked for at least £100,000 for their torches claiming that the proceeds from the sale will go to charity which is to many a worthy reason to sell them.

A spokesman for Locog, Olympic organisers said: ‘The majority of people will want to keep their torch, but ultimately it’s their property and for them to decide what to do with it. We hope the torches and uniforms find good homes.’
The Olympic torch relay will involve 8,000 people each, carrying a torch for their portion of the Olympic flame’s journey around Britain. The trek will take 70 days, finishing on July 27th at the game’s opening ceremony.
Each torch cost £495 to make, while some people were awarded them for free, others have the chance to buy them for £215.

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