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3 Easy Steps To A More Energy Efficient Home

3 Easy Steps To A More Energy Efficient Home

We’re all aware of the financial strain the current economic climate has put us in. In these tough times it pays to save as much money as possible, wherever we can. In this article, we aim to show you our 3 top tips for improving the energy efficiency of your house; thus cutting down your fuel bills and saving you unnecessary costs in the future.

We’ve found that the best way to upgrade your home is to start with your utility companies, then your home surroundings (the walls, roofing, etc) before finally moving on to the interior.

1. Make Sure You’re With The Cheapest Energy Supplier

Despite the numerous television adverts and public marketing campaigns it appears that a vast amount of people aren’t regularly comparing their utility companies online. This may be down to laziness or it may be down to a lack of knowledge on the consumers part. Either way, everyone should be performing regular checks – it’s quick, simple and free to do and you could save a huge amount annually.

2. Upgrade Your Insulation

More than 40% of all heat loss in the household escapes via the walls and roof of the house. It is believed around 20% can be cut off of your household bills by installing good loft insulation. Your lost should be insulated by a minimum of depth of 150mm (6 inches) – in an ideal world it would better to have around 200mm (8 inches).

Loft insulation can be installed yourself or by a professional contractor – if you choose to go down the DIY route there are almost always fantastic deals on at your local hardware store.

3. Upgrade Or Replace Your Windows

Over time, the energy efficiency of double glazed windows can deteriorate rapidly. Properly sealed and insulated windows can save up to 10% of your energy bill.

If you live in a house that only has single-glazed windows then you could be in line for an even bigger saving. Upgrading your home to double-glazing can save you on average up to 25% off your fuel bills, year on year.

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